Virtual reality, on the one hand, and the search for the origins of man and the universe, on the other, are the two contrasting poles that attract one another and that inspire the new Bemiva collection for spring/summer 2020.
The futuristic progress we see challenges our notion of humanity and, at the same time, the new technologies enable us to go more into depth in understanding our history.
The stunning debate on possible future scenarios questions our concepts of reality and identity and forces us more and more to understand the past, to rediscover our primitive origins and appreciate the imperfections that express the simple charm and beauty of life itself.
From the balance between thrusts toward the future and the search for our roots come the two lines of the collection: Interseason and Summer, where elements of experimentation and research dialogue with natural, primitive and deliberate imperfections.

The Interseason line is focused on the spring elements, offering crepe in the finest wool, an ultralight gauze of mohair, soft, bulky cottons, light and warm for an intermediate season where temperatures can still get low; viscose in comfortable, feminine stretch or more fluid versions, in both matt and glossy colors.
In addition to the feminine aspects and practicality of viscose, and the more casual and informal aspects of cotton, Bemiva’s Interseason line also presents a serious of round, clean technical yarns that highlight the most modern processing techniques.
From the search for new methods of torsion come innovative lightweight cords with a bulky aspect, spun in cotton and viscose.
The pastel shades of spring become fresh, brilliant and bold, conveying intensity and bringing a modern touch to wool, cotton and viscose.

The Summer line is all about the warm season, with natural, fresh, breathable fibers like cotton, linen, hemp, jute and viscose.
The summer viscoses have a crêpey handle and very fine counts, also in the stretch version, or irregular, natural aspects like rich shantungs, illuminated by the gleam of glossy slubs.
The cottons of the summer line have a crisp, natural look.
The linen with its deliberate imperfections creates the light textures we welcome on hot summer days. This summer portion of the collection also has its technical yarns, expression of the research that interprets transparency and volume, two important concepts for Summer 2020.
The warm, intense colors also bring us luminous and even fluorescent accents for the more technical yarns, alternating with the natural and ecru shades typical of linen, hemp and jute in this interesting dialogue between past and future, technological and primitive.

Bemiva continues to increase its stock yarn offering, expanding the shade cards of yarns available to improve the service even more. These yarns are considered Must Haves for the four seasons.

Love, Ecology, and Fashion is a new line that confirms Bemiva’s sensitivity toward the respect for environmental values and its concrete contribution for the health of the planet and its inhabitants.
The yarns with this philosophy are extended and enriched.
Together with the Viscose FSC there are also the micromodal and the Viscose Fiocco Lenzing Ecovero. All respectful of forests, guarantors to the consumer and with eco-responsible production with lower emissions and use of water. Besides there are yarns deriving from the pioneering technology of Refibra of botanical origin and textile recovery.
LEAF’s other important protagonists are the circular economy nylon for a total ecological clean recovery and an innovative and patented formula that allows to make garments that are biodegradable in few years instead of centuries.