The new Bemiva collection 2020-2021 has been inspired by two different atmospheres. On one hand climate change make us think of elements of protection and a spirit of adaptation to the constantly evolving environment, to the point of hypothesizing a journey towards new unexplored atmospheres. On the other hand, the increasingly divided social climate develops a search for empathy and inclusion that enhances identity and uniqueness.
The comparison between these two scenarios has inspired a collection where technical aspects coexist with artisan aspects, research yarns projected towards a futuristic vision with a vintage taste, technology with imagination and functionality with creativity.

The interseason line focuses on the elements of Fall, offering warm and soft cottons, blends of wool and cotton. Still relevant are the strecth viscose being both comfortable and feminine and sometimes mixed with wool versions.
Wool is superfine and in a crepe version.
The velvets are shiny, satin-finished, iridescent and presented with a shading print.
In addition to the feminine and practicality of viscose and the more casual and informal aspects of cottons, Bemiva’s Interseason line also presents a series of round, clean technical yarns that highlight the most modern processing techniques.
The interseason’s shades are colorful, autumnal and at the same time intense and warm. The indigo and the military tones are mixed with the new neutrals, taffy and trench, illuminated by the gleam of yellow chantilly.

The Winter line is all about the themes of cold and protection.
In this part of the collection, Bemiva reinterprets wool in a modern and artisanal way, presenting yarns with technological research that allow lightness and softness to be achieved together with a vintage look.
The new nuanced and tonal dyes accentuate the authentic taste of craft wools.
The very thin gauze Mohair is an important part of the Winter proposal and it has been interpreted in an elasticized version and mixed with multicolor effects.
Sensory therapy takes shape through the alpaca with a soft ultralight touch that cuddles and warms the skin.
Special yarns, illuminated by iridescent straws, sequins or a mix of wool and paper tufts completed our Fall/Winter collection.
The Winter tones are warm and intense as can seen with chili and brick, combined with more feminine colors, such as pinkish and deep umber.

Bemiva continues to increase its stock yarn offering, introducing new entries with warm hand wintery Viscose and an ultrafine gauzy Mohair and expanding the shade cards of yarns available to improve the service even more. These yarns are considered a Must Have for the four seasons.

Love, Ecology, and Fashion is a new line that confirms Bemiva’s sensitivity toward environmental values as well as the respect the company has for the latter and its concrete contribution towards the health of the planet and its inhabitants.
With this philosophy, the line of yarns is extended and enriched.
Together with the Viscose FSC there are also the micromodal and the Viscose Fiocco Lenzing Ecovero. All respectful to forests, guarantors for the consumer and with eco-responsible production having lower emissions and use of water. Besides there are yarns deriving from the pioneering technology of Refibra of botanical origin and textile recovery.
LEAF’s other important protagonists are the circular economy nylon for a total ecological clean recovery and an innovative and patented formula that allows to make garments that are biodegradable in a few years rather than centuries.