BE.MI.VA. embodies since 1960 the concept of knitting yarns Company with highly creative and well-qualified contents, awarded by the most important international fashion brands.
Our final products are the outcome of a Made in Italy and not-delocalized production, which is essential in order to ceaselessly supervise every single step of the manufacturing process when the most innovative technology meets the manual skills of our craftsmen.
On the other hand, raw material is imported from different parts of the world as a guarantee of our ceaselessly pursuit of qualitative excellence. The manufacturing of cutting-edge products, well known all over the world for their design and functionality, has been made possible thanks to quality certifications, traceability and production’s high standard supervision. Over the past 60 years BE.MI.VA yarn collections have been abreast with new slants and different styles, collaborating with the most famous and smart italian and international labels of the Fashion system.
Love, Ecology and Fashion is our karma and it is spread through the collections where creativity and sustainability move in the same direction, where the strong ecological awareness of the Company gives shape to concrete contributions for the health of the planet and its inhabitants. Research, study, planning skills, traceability and sustainability have always been the centerpieces of our Italian entity. Besides in the last few years we have enhanced our customer service with a large number of Stock Service yarns immediately available to be always ready for creativity.
BE.MI.VA. fancy yarns are a mix of colours, ideas, design and project that designers can use with a pinch of imagination and a little of madness to enrich and personalize, as a piece of a great mosaic, their collections