A faintly penciled line dances over a blank sheet, revealing shapes that take on a thousand lives: the innovative project for a city skyline, a desirable design object for our homes, a thrilling bestseller, a note that will be distinguished in time or a painting that dreams of the world’s most famous museums. It all starts the same way… with a line, a brushstroke, a mark. In the world of fashion, everything starts with a yarn: processed in its many facets and infinite possibilities, it becomes an item of apparel to be worn. The keyword is creativity and the way in which it expresses itself and becomes a concrete project.

William Turner, the great English landscape artist, master of light and precursor of impressionism, buries almost all his recognizable subjects in the dazzle of fiery skies and reflections on the waters. Similarly, a selection of precious materials like cashmere and pure silk for the new line , synonymous with elegance and refinement, immerse us in the warm tints of a sunset on the sea in a blaze of lightweight, ultrafine yarns with theeffects of gauze, lace and delicate ribbons.

Charles Baudelaire claimed that poetry was not a product of inspiration, but required a work of intelligence, refined formal technique and firm commitment. What battles his hand must have fought between creative impulse and technical discipline! Natural shades, yellowed and sepia-toned, reminiscent of writing like the old, worn pages of books for the world of viscose. Bright and dull, traditional and comfort, the viscose yarns acquire new elegance forms with fresh and fluid handle as silk.

We take real pleasure in the straight lines and perfect geometries on the tables of architecture, to represent the world of cotton and linen. Light mini bouclé, fluttering cottons and linen, new fringes effects with a touch of spring, ribbons in rustic silk and linen renew the theme of natural fibers.

A mark need not be only a line. In music the impression, the intuitions, the melodies of the great composers, in every genre, return upon themselves and revive like a perennial sign, connection between past and future generations.
Technical yarns with smooth surfaces like diving mutes of neoprene.
Transparent yarns, assertive aspects in imitation leather, raffias with a rubbery handle and kaleidoscopic prints with corroded effects and merging colors.