The tree symbol of life, always evolving: it is born, it grows, it branches, develops and regenerates continuously. Bark. Living skins that enclose and protect. Spots scattered as on a feline pelt, rough and stark, or smooth and shiny: hide and magnificent cloak for trees, embracing them the way knitwear embraces our bodies.

Using natural tints with the addition of dusty rose and mud, in line with the trends of the season, delicate, weightless yarns are developed in different compositions and counts. Soft ribbons of cotton cashmere in plain and mélange colors, wavy aspects like bouclé but with a more wintry handle, basics in comfortable wool cashmere or pure wool with a mercerized effect, shiny and resin-treated with a leathery finish, and intriguing lacy effects with fringes in bright wool and tufts of fur for striking accessories.

The forests and their wonderful poetry of colors for Be.Mi.Va. viscose yarns. Earth tones, warm browns and ambers slashed with hints of pink and intense flame red. The whole extraordinary range is presented in a new graphic design which separates the proud, elegant viscose yarns with their fluid, silky handle, their dull and bright aspects in ultrafine counts up to 18 from the soft, comfortable, warm winter yarns.

Walking along deserted pathways where the sounds of nature are all that can be heard, and the quiet air is soothing with the pale tints of winter. The yarns are thicker but soft and light in counts of 7, 5 and 3. They range from soft, hairy basics and stretch yarns in plain colors, mélange and chanteclaire in wool viscose, to elastic types in alpaca blends with a felted, bulky handle. A new technique is used for a tweed yarn in carded wool and cotton, and a light plush in wool viscose velvet in mélange and plain colors expand the family of pure wool yarns with new shetland aspects for casual comfort.

The Rainbow Eucalyptus with its colorful bark that seems painted by an expressionist artist was the inspiration for our fancy yarns, more technical and stunning than ever. A vibrant display of natural colors that goes from intense emerald greens to peacock blue-greens and brilliant blues. Curls of fur for the softest viscose in the collection, velvets, chenilles, new iridescent effects, also tone-on-tone, new lightweight fancy yarns with a feathery effect in wool viscose for trendy, theatrical styles. Glints of light through translucent yarns, metallic threads, tweeds in gold, silver and copper lamé, tiny colored sequins on wool viscose in 7 count yarn. Inserts and transparencies for intriguing effects in the new, original jacquards.