Love, Ecology and Fashion

Nature Bestows, Bemiva Respects

Filati Bemiva presents the new Collection with three lines where creativity and sustainability move in the same direction, where the strong ecological awareness of the Company gives shape to concrete contributions for the health of the planet and its inhabitants.
The time is right to take cues from mother earth who never takes more than she needs, and to put technology at the service of sustainable and ethically correct development.
Love, Ecology and Fashion is our KARMA and it is spread among the three lines. First there are the FSC® Viscose and the Viscose Fiocco Lenzing Ecovero. All respectful to forests, guarantors for the consumer and with eco-responsible production with lower emissions and use of water. Other yarns come from the pioneering technology of Refibra of botanical origin and textile recovery.
Nylon, Polyester and Cottons are other important protagonists that come from the circular economy for a total ecological clean recovery and we added an innovative and patented formula that allows to make garments that are biodegradable in a few years rather than centuries.
Modern technological systems powered by renewable energy, dyes that respect eco-sustainability standards enriched by natural Veggy prints made by vegetables and fruits.

In this scenario materials, details and colors interwine our senses grasping their unexpected beauty.
This journey brings us closer to our authentic Being and thanks to it we accept and enhance our vulnerability and at the same time our uniqueness.

The interseason line offers spring yarns that create continuity with the winter season.
Soft and warm cottons are expanded with a mix of silk, aspects illuminated by transparent sequins and sporty, irregular and material effects.
The springy, comfortable and feminine Viscoses are developed in many versions: very thin crepe gauze mixed with wool, compact and sculped ones, comfort, very shiny and trasformed into very light padded cords, printed with tie dye effects.
Technical, round and clean yarns highlight the most modern processes, also proposed with innovative and creative dyeing and printing effects that enhance their chromatic aspects.
The tones are pastel and intense, fresh and colorful, preferring cold colors such as meadow and forest greens, bluish silverlake and indigo, or the bright shades of sunshine and oil yellow.
This fresh and spring atmosphere combines with the warm and rosy neutral tones of the lands.

The viscose become even thinner and lighter both in matt and bright version, fluid or stretch ones.
The fresh and sculpted cottons take on multiple aspects that combine modernity and craftsmanship, technology and creativity.
The new entries the Veggy dyes are with delicate, tenuous and relaxing tones, all absolutely ecological and environmentally friendly used on rustic and jute cords.
The technical yarns also develop a new fluorescent coloring.
The summer of Bemiva is colored with bright and intense tones such as a puffin orange and fuchsia valentine. The fluorescent accents transform and illuminate the neutral and warm tones of lands and they are the common thread between Interseason and Summer.

The mission of Bemiva to improve the customer service in terms of Eco-Sustainability is confirmed by the increase of the stock service yarns which, alongside the iconic FSC ®Viscose for the respect of the forests, it offers additional special yarns that the designers can use with a pinch of imagination and a little of madness to enrich and personalize their samples. These yarns are considered a Must Have for the four seasons to be always ready to serve creativity.