Since 1960 BE.MI.VA Yarns is synonymous with creative and well-qualified contents. Our final products are the outcome of a Made in Italy and not-delocalized production, which is essential in order to ceaselessly supervise every single step of the manufacturing.

On the other hand, raw material is imported from different parts of the world as guarantee of our ceaselessly pursuit of qualitative excellence. The manufacturing of cutting-edge products, well-know all over the world for their design and their functionality, has been made possible thanks to quality certifications and production’s high standard supervision.
Initially being specialized just in winter yarns, in the ’80s BE.MI.VA. decides to extend the range of its collections and, by using its own innovative technology, it gives life to striking Summer Collections, also by renewing the special fibers ENKA VISCOSA in order to produce a prestigious, silky and innovative knitwear.
Over the past 50 years BE.MI.VA Yarns collections have been abreast with new slants and different styles, by collaborating with the most famous and smart italian and international labels of the fashion system.
Furthermore, BE.MI.VA Yarns has always proved a steady commitment in fostering an eco-friendly and non-environmentally dangerous production.
Research, study and planning skills have always been the centerpieces of this Italian entity. Being aware of the ongoing revolution in the communication area, this entity is now ready to change and to get with this revolution, so that the word tradition do not become a restriction which will obstruct future synergies, but an opportunity for growth for the new stylistic generations.
The new business and marketing organization is due to the certainty that only by investing in the customer care, it would be possible to give deeper attention to the customer necessities and this is of course an essential prerogative in BE.MI.VA yarns philosophy.
BE.MI.VA. fancy yarns are a mix of colours, ideas, design and project: this formula has been the centrepiece of this group since 1960.